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Artist Name: Tye Tribbett

Album Title: Fresh Album

Category: Gospel Albums

American Gospel Song Singer Tye Tribbett Presents To Us His New Album “Fresh” Which Was Released In 2010, Download Album On Spotify.

American Gospel Singer & Pastor, Tye Tribbett has released his new project Fresh which have 16 Powerful Tracks.

Tye Tribbett – Fresh

It’s a whole different level of worship as international gospel singer, Tye Tribbett release his long awaited Album.

This album is going to bless millions around the world who believe in God. Listen and enjoy Album below.

Listen, Download & Enjoy This Lovely Powerful Song Below

Track List Of Fresh Album By Tye Tribbett.


Album Review

“Fresh” has a good techno beat…Tye really embraced the autotune on this one. Wasn’t feeling it at first, but it grew on me…my favorite part is actually the end when his voice is extra digitized and he says, “Everything fresh man everything fresh/Out with the old in with the new…”

“Good” is a great track musically and sounds more like classic Tye IMO. He’s hype, he’s passionate, he’s yelling, “Got to give You praise/You been so good to me!” Love the drums, love the bass, love this track!

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“Eulogy” is another great track that got slept on. Admittedly, I wasn’t feeling it at first and it took me several listens before it grew on me. I think the concept behind it is brilliant; he’s doing his own eulogy at his own funeral after choosing to die to his flesh, in order to grow in Christ. It’s what all believers must do at some point and I think the delivery of the track is great. Plus, I love the organ at the beginnning and the end.

“Take Over” is another good one. Love the passion Tye puts forth. It conveys what should be the cry of every believer’s heart, “LORD take over my mind, heart and will! I give it all to You and I want more of You!”

“Only Help,” “Holding On,” “Keep Me,” “You Alone” and “Your Blood (The communion song)” are such excellent tracks that again, I slept on in the beginning. This whole set sounds very…Spirit led, reflective and devotional-esqe. I think I didn’t like it at first because I’d gotten so used to Tye being this exuberant, hyper praise leader and had come to expect that style from him all the time. But these tracks prove that he’s more than just a “hype man for Jesus.” He’s human. He has struggles just like the rest of us. But at the end of the day, he knows Jesus is still on the throne. Lyrically/content wise, I think “You Alone” is the best track on the album. “Your Blood” is a close second.

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“Champion” is another good one. I’m also a big Israel fan so I liked the collaboration. “We serve the undisputed champion of the whole world!” I also like how “Champion” flows into “Most High God (Lude);” which is praise and worship music at it’s finest. It has a very South African feel to it, which I believe it originated from, (although many countries in Africa have embraced this song and made it their own). “Jehovah, You are the Most High God” That simple sentence is the only lyric of the entire track, but it rings so true, and it makes me feel like I’m at church praising the Lord with Tye, Israel, and the entire corporate body of Christ.

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“Rocks Hit the Ground” beautiful track about God’s grace and mercy. “Thought it was over for me/You did not condemn me/Thought I was counted out/You did not condemn me/…And if I never heard the sound of grace before/I heard it when the rocks hit the ground”

“Replace Me” and “Free to Worship” LOVE LOVE these….they’re the other ‘Classic Tye’ tracks on the album. The energy is CRAZY! “Free to Worship” opens with this banging guitar riff that just makes you wanna fist pump, play air guitar, stomp ya feet LOL. The drums on both tracks are crazy too.

Overall, I thought the album was excellent. Very musically diverse, excellently arranged, and bibically sound. Although he’s been in the game for a minute, this album sounds to me like his breakthrough album. Given the emotion and the message that he conveys in it, how he conveys them, and the lyrical, musical and spiritual growth….. IMHO, it’s his best album. I respect a man who’s not too prideful and so above God’s rebuke and His grace to repent…and publicly at that.

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