Grammy-nominated artist, Travis Greene, and Gospel Music Icon, Kirk Franklin, in a recent Instagram live session discussed “Hold on Me,” giving fans insight on the concept behind the music video and the approach.

Travis Greene, Kirk Franklin Speaks On “Hold On Me,” Music Video Concept.

The inspirational new single & video for “Hold on Me” was released by Travis barely two weeks ago and it features the legendary Kirk Franklin and John P. Kee. The concept of the visuals shows a classic nightclub setting with a live band on stage entertaining the audience while they relax and get served in the strobe lights and colorful glitter normal to such settings. The video came under scrutiny by some zealous Christians who perhaps think it’s rather extreme.

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Travis Greene defended his concept as a way of communicating the truth that the Gospel was to be taken beyond the 4 walls of the church and outside the confines of our religious structures because the Light is most radiant in the darkness. He stated emphatically that the assignment given to believers wasn’t called the great “Suggestion” but the Great “Commission” where Jesus stated in the closing verses of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark that we were to go INTO THE WORLD and not to stay within the confines of our church structures.

Gospel music living legend Kirk Franklin who himself has been a pioneer in extending the Gospel music frontiers with several No 1 hit and billboard topping singles like “Revolution” and “Stomp” also called in to also add a few words in support of Travis Greene.

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Kirk Franklin remarked that the creative freedom to bring the message of Jesus to places where people gather was the crux of the Gospel and we shouldn’t “assume that God moves only in spaces that are convenient for the aesthetics we are accustomed to”. He also added that “it’s not about WHERE we are but about WHO we are because you could be in church and have a heart full of sin”. Kirk Franklin expressed his desire to see the future of Christianity have a major impact on society. But he also was quick to add that while the public impact was important, private and personal sobriety and character are even more important as the backdrop from whence our public impact must ensue.

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