Now Out, The Invisible Thread (2022) MOVIE Download, A teenage son of two fathers makes a documentary about his parents but is surprised when a real-life plot twist occurs in his family.


When this does happen, however, things become rather complicated on a legal level. In matters of parental separation, Italian law doesn’t recognise dual paternity: family ties are exclusively defined by genetic lines.

The Invisible Thread (2022) Movie
The Invisible Thread (2022) Movie

To whom, then, does a boy born to a surrogate mother in America and conceived via a “cocktail” of spermatozoids, ultimately belong? The protagonists of Puccioni’s film are forced to unearth the answer to this question in a story which uses humour and comedic tones to probe the modern-day meaning of “family”.

Paolo and Simone (Filippo Timi and Francesco Scianna) are in a civil partnership and in the midst of celebrating their twenty-year anniversary, alongside their sixteen-year-old son Leone (Francesco Gheghi) who was born in California by way of Tilly (British actress Jodhi May), an American woman who helped his parents bring him into the world, and who is still a loving presence in their lives.

But things fall apart when Paolo discovers Simone has been cheating on him for years. In the middle of an anniversary dinner with family and friends (including Aunt Monica, Valentina Cervi) which deteriorates to tragicomic effect, Paolo and Simone decide to separate. And from that moment onwards, a full-scale DNA war breaks out between the two of them to find out whose son (biologically speaking) Leone really is.

The story is seen through the eyes of Leone, who is working on a school project about LGBT rights in Europe, based on none other than his own, personal experience. Whilst also in the throes of first love with his beautiful school friend Anna (Giulia Maenza), Leone is forced to accept that his “beautiful family” isn’t quite as perfect as it seems.

And so, caught between prejudiced views of homosexuality as hereditary, a raft of misunderstandings, civil battles, and various twists and turns, our young man – whose suffering is clear as day and is no different from that felt by any other youngster whose parents split up – finds himself thinking about the “invisible thread” which binds him to his two dads and to all those who brought him into the world.

Puccioni has chosen to tackle this complex social theme with humour, and the sense of oversimplification that we feel at several points in the story doesn’t detract from the film’s ability to convey an important message (family is love, irrespective of blood ties) or the fact that it’s a thoroughly enjoyable watch, helped in part by its talented lead actors: Timi and Scianna, who play the two spiteful spouses, and young Gheghi, whose star has been rising ever-upwards since My Brother Chases Dinosaurs [+] and Padrenostro.