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Artist Name: Tamela Mann

Track Title: Final Answer

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Released: 2021

Album Name: Overcomer (15 Tracks)

Country: America

Quality: 320 Kbps

Category: Gospel Songs

From Miami, United States, American Gospel Song Minister Tamela Mann Presents To Us New Song For 2021 Titled “Final AnswerSongs Mp3 Download.

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This Song “Final Answer” is an impressive Project that will surely be worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of good music.

Final Answer (The Song) is a project inspired by the Holy Spirit, filled with messages of Christ from birth to death and the salvation that came thereof. It is a compilation of messages; That of Hope, Love, Joy, salvation and of gratitude.

As the title of the song implies, it a project put together to remind believers and all, that the time is near. That we are in a critical and an opportune moment that we must all seized to God’s glory.

New Music:  Tamela Mann - Hello God ft Wyclef Jean & Kirk Franklin

Lyrics: Final Answer by Tamela Mann

I am determined
To make no decisions
Whatever is coming
Lord, I’ll follow Your leading
I will say yes, Lord
I’ll say yes, Lord
In every season
You’re my provision
When I can’t see You
Help me to trust You
My final answer is yes

I will say yes, Lord (You have my permission)
I’ll say yes, Lord (You can do what You want to do)
In every season (You have my will)
You’re my provision (You can move how You want to move)
When I can’t see You ( When I can’t see You)
Help me to trust You (Help me to trust You, Lord)
And my answer (My answer is yes) is yes
My final answer is yes

I will say yes (I will say yes)
I will say yes (I will say yes, Lord)
I will say yes (Your will)
Yes, Lord (I will, I will say yes)
I will say yes (I may not understand Your plan)
I will say yes (But I will trust Your heart)
I will say yes, yes, Lord (And my answer may sound something like this)

New Music:  Tamela Mann - Help Me

(Our Father) I will say yes
(Who art in Heaven) I will say yes
(Hallowed be, hallowed be Thy name) I will say yes
Yes, Lord (Thy kingdom come)
I will say yes (Thy will be done)
I will say yes (On Earth)
I will say yes (As it is in Heaven)
Yes, Lord (Give us this day)
I will say yes (Our daily bread)
I will say yes (And forgive us our debts)
I will say yes (As we forgive our debtors)
Yes, Lord (And lead us not)
I will say yes (Into temptation)
I will say yes, I will say yes (But deliver us from evil)
Yes Lord (For Thine is the Kingdom)
Yes (The power and the glory)
Yes (Forever and ever, ever and ever)
Yes (Hey, let Your will be done)
Yes, Lord, yes, yes (I will say yes, Lord I will say yes)
(Your will be done, hey) Yes

New Music:  Tamela Mann - Finished

Yes to Your will (Come on, say yes)
Yes to Your way (Lift your hands and surrender and say yes)
Yes, I will go, yes (Yeah, yeah)
Yes to Your will (I will follow You)
Yes to Your way (Where You lead me)
Yes, I will go (I will follow)
Yes, yes to Your will (Yeah, yeah)
Yes to Your way (You are the potter)
Yes, I will go (I am the clay)
Yes to Your will (Mold me)
Yes to Your way (Have thine own way, yeah, Lord)

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