UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician, SIRJones Twum, has opened up on his experience living abroad. Speaking in a private interview with, SIRJones Twum disclosed that the whites have so much respect for Ghana and its people.

According to the gospel singer who currently lives in the UK, it is always a great feeling for him to have conversations with other nationals about his motherland, Ghana.

He added that whenever other nationals get to know that he is Ghanaian, it even makes the conversations more refreshing. “There is always this atmosphere of respect and I love it, it feels so good you know,” he explained.

He further noted that they often mention three things they love about Ghana whenever he interacts with them. He said: “They describe Ghana as a peaceful country, they also describe Ghanaians as lovely people and then Ghana jollof is the best.”

Who Is SirJones Twum

SIRJones Twum who has been in the music industry for over a decade has been crowned as creative and unique amongst his peers as a result of his choice of lyrics and the impact his songs create.

The korokorbor hitmaker has two albums, Aseda Soronko and Rhema to his credit, with hit songs Nyame Aseda and Nyame Obolobo from these. SIRJones has a new song out from his yet-to-be-released EP, DWELL, which is currently trending on aftown and other music stores. This new one features MoG Music and it’s entitled, Fill This Place.

The official music video for the single is out on YouTube: