Multiple Award-winning Nigerian Pop sensation D’Banj affirms his salvation at Moses Bliss’ live concert “The Bliss Experience,” which held this past weekend at the Congress Hall, Transcorp Hilton Abuja.

The Popstar who had come forward to also show support in form of financial seed to Moses Bliss during the event was compared to Cornelius in the Bible who though was not saved but did good similar deeds and prayed to God.

“I Am Now Born Again,” D’banj Declares Salvation At Moses Bliss’ Experience Event.

“When you do good deeds, God rewards you with salvation and I’ll like to offer you the gift of salvation,” said Rev Tom Amenkhienan (of Christ Embassy) to D’Banj

To the surprise of many in the audience, D’Banj responded with confidence that he was already born again. He went further to talk about his experience with God, recounting his testimony of restoration after he lost his first son a few years.

“When I said Jesus is the Koko, I meant it. And Anyone who knows my story knows that in every one of my albums, I always give honor to whom honor is due,” The One-time number 1 entertainer in Africa added.

D’banj further cited 2 of his hit songs, “Olorun Maje” and “Mobo lowo wan” as proof that though he plied his trade in a secular field, his heart was not disconnected from his Christian roots.

He further explained that…people like him in the Pop world “are there for a reason” and if they did not express their songs in a certain way, “people would not be able to relate with them because they would think they don’t understand what they’re going through”. See video below;

Showing up at Moses Bliss’ event was perhaps already a surprise to many, and then also giving his support in form of seed was also another eye-popper due to the impression already held about him but D’Banj wasted no time publicly and confidently affirming his faith in God.

D’Banj, who before his period of shining in the Pop World, served in the church as a chorister and also played the Mouth Organ.

Is this a sign that D’Banj might also be on a comeback route to the gospel world? Or is it just a one-off occasion and opportunity to declare his new stance? Is this a case of the Lost son coming back home? Is there a chance that he might just drop a gospel song very soon? Well, who can tell?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and be on the lookout for answers.