Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. (2022) Full Movie Download Mp4: Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. is a 2022 American comedy film written, directed, and produced by Adamma Ebo, in her feature directorial debut. It is a feature-length adaptation of Ebo’s 2018 short film of the same name.

Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. (2022) Full Movie Download Mp4.


When I see the Monkeypaw Productions bumper at the beginning of a film, an expectation sets in. Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. was executive produced by Jordan Peele with a slew of producers including stars Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall. All names to conjure with, so going in my expectations were high. Leaving the theatre, however, I felt as disappointed as the former congregants of the Greater Paths Baptist Church.

Based on the 2018 mockumentary short of the same name by writer/director Adamma Ebo, Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. tells the story of Trinitie (Hall) and Lee-Curtis Childs (Brown), the former first lady and pastor of a megachurch. Because of a sex scandal, congregants left the church in droves and the church was closed. Now, a documentary team follows the couple as they prepare to reopen in hopes of getting back to their once mighty – and supremely profitable – position.

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After watching the 2018 short, it is obvious why it was developed into a feature. On paper, it’s a great idea. They would be able to flesh out the characters and struggles they face in trying to reopen the church. In this case, though, the filmmakers didn’t flesh out enough for the 102-minute run time. It’s supposed to be a satirical look at leaders of for for-profit churches, but it’s just not that funny. Much of the struggle that Trinitie goes through in the film is just sad. Sure, she’s been reaping the benefits of her husband’s preaching (big house, expensive cars, designer wardrobe) but she also is dealing with a husband who cares only about himself and his own needs. That’s not to say Lee-Curtis isn’t going through his own shit. He is. Trinitie tries to put on a brave face for the camera that is following her around constantly, but she doesn’t always succeed. Two words: Praise mimes.

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There’s a better film in there somewhere. The performances from Hall and Brown are tremendous, and they deserve all the praise for their work. Yet while the mockumentary format worked in the short, it’s a hindrance here. We can still follow the couple and see what they’re working toward without the film crew angle.

About 10 years ago, flipping through the channels in the middle of the night (as you do), we stopped on a channel that was showing a church service. It looked amazing. The service was being led by Dr. Shine and his wife, Dee Dee, and we would seek it out several more times because it was great entertainment. Like Lee-Curtis’ service, Dr. Shine was preaching the prosperity gospel about how if you “plant the seed,” your money will come. While watching Honk for Jesus I just kept thinking about Dr. Shine and Dee Dee. It’s a fascinating world to explore; I just wish Honk for Jesus had done a better job in doing it.

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