Happy Good Friday From Gospel Telegraph Good Friday is considered an additional mourning day remembering the crucifixion of Jesus. In Germany, the day is known as Karfreitag or ‘Sorrowful Friday’. This Year’s Good Friday Happens To Fall In April 2022.

Similarly, in Spain, Good Friday is ascertained as Viernes Santo or ‘Holy or Sacred Friday’. Good Friday is held in remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus, 3 days later after the crucifixion, is observed as Easter.

It’s believed that the day Jesus died, he carried the sins of the world along with him and because of his sacrifice, individuals are redeemed and can reach heaven after death.

Good Friday Wishes 2022
Good Friday Wishes 2022

The crucifixion and death of Jesus symbolize his sacrifice and forgiveness for all sins. Celebrate this day by educating people and raising awareness about this important day and share your thoughts on social media using hashtags #GoodFriday.

We Have Collected some Good Friday Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Images, Hope you will like them, so please share Good Friday wishes, quotes, messages with your family, friends, and loved ones also update your social media status with Good Friday on this day.

Top 1000+ Good Friday Wishes 2022 To Friends, Family, Loved Ones.

Below are some Good Friday messages and prayer points you can send to friends, family members, and loved ones.

1. Let us pray to Jesus to strengthen our faith and to strengthen ourselves, to live a happy and blessed life…. Wishing Happy Good Friday to you.

2. May our lives are brightened with the glory and blessings of Jesus. Sending warm Good Friday wishes to everyone.

3. May each and every day of our lives is showered with positivity and blessings of Almighty. Happy Good Friday to you.

4. On the auspicious occasion of Good Friday, I am sending you warm wishes for a day full of goodness, joy and smiles with your loved ones.

5. May he bestow your home and heart with eternal happiness and goodness to make this journey of life a beautiful one for you. Happy Good Friday.

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6. May you are always surrounded by mercy and grace of Almighty. Sending you warm wishes on Good Friday.

7. Don’t ask God to put an end to your problems but always ask him for strength to face the challenges of life. Happy Good Friday to you.

8. On the occasion of Good Friday, let us thank Almighty for all the love and blessings he has showered us with. Wishing a very Happy Good Friday.

9. May his light is always there to guide us towards a better and brighter future. Wishing a blessed Good Friday to you and your loved ones.

10. Some of the best Good Friday messages are right here. Share these Good Friday messages in English and Good Friday images with quotes to share these inspiring wishes with your dear ones.

11. On this occasion, I pray that God is always there to give you his blessings and take good care of you…. Best wishes on Good Friday to you.

12. I wish that on the occasion of Good Friday you have with you the Lord who bring along peace and happiness in your life…. Happy Good Friday!!!

13. May God gives you mercy, forgiveness and love in your life to make it a beautiful life…. Wishing a very Happy Good Friday to you.

14. May your faith in the Almighty bring happiness to your heart and peace to your soul… May He is always there to bless you…. Happy Good Friday 2022.

15. May you and your loved ones are always showered with the choicest blessings of Almighty. Warm wishes on Good Friday to you.

16. Wishing a very blessed and Happy Good Friday to you my dear. May this holy day bring into our life happiness and goodness.

17. On the occasion of Good Friday, I pray that you are always surrounded with the choicest blessings of God that always impart you with the strength to face challenges in life.

18. May the goodness of Good Friday surround you all year long and bless your life with happiness and peace…. Happy Good Friday to you.

19. May Jesus born again in your heart and fill your life with eternal happiness and joy….. Sending my best wishes on Good Friday to you my dear.

Good Friday Message Prayer

20. Oh lord! Please give us compassion to be kind towards every human being.

21. Jesus, we remember you today and every day for the sacrifices made and bearing our sins.

22. We learn patience, tolerance, and forgiveness from you to live peacefully with our fellow human beings.

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23. O Lord, we are grateful to you for your kindness and forgiveness you show on us. Thank you for everything. Amen.

24. Oh lord, let the darkness convert to light, let the painful ending be a new beautiful new beginning. Please shower your kindness on mankind. Amen.

Good Friday Wishes for Morning

25. I wish that you have the courage to be on the right path always”

26. Have good prayers in the morning to be brave all throughout the day to be on the correct path.

Good Friday Greetings Messages for Evening

27. Oh Lord, thank you for giving me a bright day, and letting me meet some nice people. Happy Good Friday.

28. I feel blessed to meet some good people to show me the enlightened path shown by you. Happy Good Friday.

Good Friday Messages for Friends

29. The day is the celebration of fearlessness; when you face problems in life, do not pray God to let them away, but ask God to give you courage to face the challenge. The victory will be yours. Happy Good Friday.

Good Friday Messages for Youth

30. May God bless you in every sphere of your life. Have faith in your soul and promise in your words. Know your goal and set everything to achieve it.

Good Friday Messages to Girlfriend

31. I always pray to the Lord to keep you in his loving care and blessing. May your path of life shine like a star. I am always with you in your every step of your life. Happy Good Friday.

Good Friday Messages to Wife

32. May the holy day bring peace and prosperity in your life. May the Holy Spirit protect you from any danger. The Lord Lights up your way today and always.

Good Friday Messages for Boss

33.  This special day, let your worry go away and bring success through peace and happiness. May our Savior bless you always. I wish you a happy Good Friday.

Good Friday Messages for Boyfriend

34. Lord makes the way of love; he gives you the peace of forgiveness. Our Savor bore our sin in him and offered a beautiful life with peace.

Good Friday Messages for Husband

35. On this Good Friday, Let’s pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness in our life; pray for peace and his love. May his soul strengthens ours and the Lord makes us fearless in our life.”

Good Friday Wishes Messages for Night

36. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the courage to be on the right path. Happy Good Friday.

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37. Lord, please forgive all those who have hurt me and let everyone forgive me whom I have hurt intentionally or unintentionally.

Good Friday Whatsapp Status

38. May God bless us all on the pious occasion of Good Friday and always show us the right path to walk on, to be surrounded with good things.

39. May his light is always there to guide you, May his love is always there to bring peace to your heart, May his blessings are always there to protect you…. Happy Good Friday.

40. He bore everything in silence to save this world, to save us…. Let us thank him and promise him to always follow what he has taught us…. Best wishes on Good Friday.

41. Jesus Christ has always been the same…. On the occasion of Good Friday, I wish he is born again in our hearts and bring us peace with his blessings.

Good Friday Message for Whatsapp

42. Wishing everyone a very Happy Good Friday. Let us celebrate this day by thanking Jesus for all his blessings and love he has bestowed us with.

43. May Almighty is always there to help us get over with all the negativities that surround us and bless us. Happy Good Friday.

44. The celebrations of Good Friday are incomplete without expressing our gratitude, offering prayers and making a promise to always do good deeds.

45. He underwent all the sufferings and bore all the pain for us and on Good Friday, let us thank him for all the affection and care he has for us. Happy Good Friday.

46. Wishing a very blessed and Happy Good Friday to everyone. Make the most of this day by seeking love and blessings of Almighty for a happier tomorrow.

Good Friday Facebook Messages

47. We have with us some of the best Good Friday messages for Facebook. Wish your family, friends and relatives across the globe by sharing these Good Friday images with quotes on your Facebook.

48. May the goodness of Good Friday bring in our lives more happiness and less sorrows, more blessings and less hatred…. Happy Good Friday.

49. He gave his life to save ours…. Let us thank him on the occasion of Good Friday and pray to him for his blessings today, tomorrow and forever!!!

50. Sending warm wishes on the occasion of Good Friday…. May you are always protected, loved and cared by Him for a blessed life.