Deeper Christian Life Ministry Wraps Up The Year With The Mother Of All Global Crusade In Lagos State Nigeria, This Time It’s Tagged “Great Miracle Explosion Crusade” Lagos 2021.

International Evangelist Pastor WF Kumuyi Ministers Alongside With Paul Baloche Who Is An Award Wining Gospel Song Minister From New Jersey, America.

Indeed Come And Witness Live Great Miracle Explosion Crusade In Lagos State, Nigeria.

The Program Is Currently On Now For 6 Days, Which Will Be Streamed Across The World Live From Lagos State, Nigeria.

Great Miracle Explosion Crusade

General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries, Pastor William  Folorunso Kumuyi, has expressed the belief that the  COVID-19 pandemic is real and not being orchestrated by global politics as many are wont to believe.

The Pastor, known for his spirituality and commitment to preaching repentance, holiness  and faith in Jesus Christ, said this on Tuesday while hosting journalists in the lead-up to the church’s six-day global crusade, tagged ”The Great Miracle Explosion,” currently holding at the Deeper Life Conference Centre {DLCC), Km 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

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Pastor Kumuyi, at the Great Miracle Explosion crusade venue, said he observed that the pandemic was real and not politically induced as being  speculated in many quarters.

“I know that the COVID-19 is real; it is not fake; it is not a politically arranged thing to do whatever. It’s real,” Kumuyi told journalists on Tuesday.

“We’ve had people who had real COVID-19 situations and they were in isolation. In fact, one of our men, one of our pastors was about to pass away. According to him, he had said his last prayer because in that isolation he had seen other people dying, just going like that.

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“I knew about it and I called him on the phone and prayed with him. Within, I would say, one hour, he was completely healed. He went to the toilet, got up by himself, came by himself and the Lord brought him back to life.”

he, however,  gave the assurance that the reality of COVID-19 notwithstanding,  God had solution to problems.

According to Pastor Kumuyi, COVID-19 does not come as a surprise to those who fully understand the scriptures of the  Bible because it had been foretold by Jesus Christ who hinted of  pestilence (pandemic) in the last days. Kumuyi explained that the crusade would address national and personal problems, just as he further assured that God would free all from troubles.

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The programme, the versions of which had earlier been held in Enugu, Abuja, Rivers and Akwa Ibom states,  is currently being being  transmitted live on the church’s social media platforms.

“We are now in Lagos. It is a great miracle explosion. When we put all that has been happening this year together, we are going to have great explosions. People will be blessed, people will say this is a great thing that has happened in their lives,” he said.

On how the crusade would impact the nation, Kumuyi said when individuals are touched, the nation will change for the better.