Earn a Degree Online Fast: As the world is trying to recover from this global pandemic, I have seen friends and colleagues who had plans of traveling to study abroad ask questions like;

Joe, now the world is on hold, do you know how to get a degree online fast? or what is the quickest online degree?

After so much research, I have come to the conclusion that looking for an online study program could just be the way out for them.

Even employers are fast embracing these online schools certificates compare to years ago.

More so, four years is a pretty long time, which most of us don’t really have to Earn a Degree Online Fast.

According to statistica, 2020 alone saw a record high for study online programs. Owing to the fact schools were shot down as the result of the COVID’19, students within the age of 16-24 turned to online study more as this is the age bracket for college and high school students.

The record also shown that people within age 25-34 were the second highest to use online study platforms.

That being said, for the sake of clearity we are going to start this article from the very top. This is long article too, you use the table of content to jump to the part that speaks to you more.

what is an online degree

Online degree is a degree achieved through virtual attendance of lectures and participation in exams. This teaching and exams are strictly virtual and require the need of good internet connectivity and a gadget.

This gadget might be likened to that of a phone, laptop, tablet or a desktop computer.

Unarguably Online degree is the new normal, Recent occurrence in the case of the coronavirus point out the importance of an online decree.

Schools doors were shut for over 8 months and even as we speak physical classes are in minimal attendance. The need for an online degree cannot be undermined.

Can you get a degree faster online? What does it take?

If you are asking this question? then the short answer is yes!! you can get a degree faster online.

Some accelerated programs allows the student to complete an entire bachelor degree in less time compared to an on-campus degree.

That is to say, both cost and time can be reduced drastically when you choose to go for an online degree program.

Nevertheless, we have three main ways a school can let you Earn a Degree Online Fast.

  • By Offering credits for life experiences, such as your employment history or volunteer work
  • Allowing the student to “test out” of certain classes
  • Lastly, by Letting you complete courses at your own pace

Thus, if you are really interested in the “earn a degree in just one year programs” you will see things like ; “degree completion programs” or schools that accept the most transfer credits.

Well, let me put it out there now, degree completion programs aren’t faster.

This just means that your incomplete work from another school can be completed here.

so, it’s not really a shortened program time but rather giving you the opportunity to start off where you stopped.

so you can earn your degree faster.

Hence, for the purpose of this article, I will focus more on Fast Online Degrees or Programs and schools with accelerated online programs.

Before we go into all that here are things to consider before choosing on online study program.

Things to Consider Before Studying Online

If you honestly want to know how to get a degree online fast, check out these considerations before engaging in an online study,

#1. The Relevance of the Online Course to your career.

The first thing to consider is how reputable is the course and what are your chance of getting employed or be an employer of labor after graduation.

Reputable in this essence, means that the online study program which you are going for must be able to stand international recognition.

Bearing in mind that such recognition is not the main purpose of study, the knowledge to be acquired is.

However, it is important to note the reputation of such program.

#2. Job placement strategy

Another criteria to check here is the job placement strategy of the study, how likely are you to be employed on a scale of 1 to 10.

Be honest with yourself when considering an online degree. Dont let your fantacy get the better of you.

Do your research and make appropriate findings about the current trends of employment.

What degree is likely to boost your efficiency and delivery in today’s economy.

#3. Practicability

 Another factor here should be tailored toward experimenting; that is, programs that are mostly practical are better suited for an online degree.

For example, taking a course on Art, Culture, and Creativity. We use an application like Adobe Photoshop to engage in virtual interactive training with the facilitators,

while the instructor leads, it’s easy to follow up because online programs encourage rigorous, and hand-on practicals.

In an article published in 2015, by Morton Ann Gernsbacher maintained that online education could be beneficial if it was based on fundamental learning principles.

An idea that has been widely accepted. This is true in the light of recent happening, Skills are no longer acquired within the four walls of a school building,

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the US, around 25% of all college and university students are now enrolled in distance education degree.

#4. Length of the program

Another factor to be considered here if you want to Earn a Degree Online Fast is the length of the program.

Make sure the flexibility and length of the program are in your favor.

You don’t want to overstress yourself while studying.

Stressing while studying, indicate a loss of interest on the long run, steer clear of programs you consider too lengthy for your schedule.

Carry out online research about the intended school of study before commiting to the program.

Make sure you have acquitted yourself with the school operational modules before applying for an online degree.

Choosing an Online Program

To stay ahead means to constantly equip your mind with new and relevant ideas, and these ideas are generated from what we perceive, read, or learn.

An online degree is a substitute mechanism for continuous learning that keeps equipping our minds to constantly pour out new ideas.

There is a popular saying that goes, “You become what you think you are” while choosing an online degree,

you must take into consideration certain steps that will ultimately lead to the success of your chosen program of study.

You have to clearly outline the courses and topics you enjoy during your high schools days or probably undergraduate years,

This will help you to decide what choice of program you should be applying for.

You will also want to make sure you steer off the program you might find boring due to loss of interest in such courses or topics.

It’s important that you stick to your expertise, for example, think about your hobbies while growing up,

as these hobbies are absent of external influence, You can use that as an advantage to pick a program of choice.

Fast Online Degrees & Programs 2022

Why spend more time in class when you can get your bachelor’s degree faster online? You can find out how to complete your studies faster in our short study guide!

These online degree programs offer 5 week, 6 week, or 8 week online classes:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education & Teaching
  • Emergency Management
  • English
  • Environmental Policy
  • Finance
  • Fire Science
  • Forensics / CSI
  • Health Science
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Studies
  • Liberal Arts
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology
  • Public Admini