Download Youthful Praise – Deliver (Remix)

Artist: Youthful Praise

Track Title: Deliver (Remix)

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2004

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: Thank You for the Change (12 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Youthful Praise, an American gospel group, made a significant impact in 2004 with their album “Thank You for the Change.” Among the twelve soul-stirring tracks on the record, “Deliver (Remix)” stands out as a powerful anthem of faith and redemption. Led by the exceptional vocal prowess of the group, the song effortlessly blends contemporary gospel and R&B influences, captivating listeners with its heartfelt lyrics and infectious melody.

“Deliver (Remix)” serves as a testament to Youthful Praise’s ability to create uplifting and inspirational music that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. The track’s soulful harmonies and dynamic instrumentals perfectly complement the theme of deliverance, carrying a message of hope and triumph over life’s challenges. As the twelfth and final track on the album, “Deliver (Remix)” leaves a lasting impression, leaving listeners feeling encouraged and spiritually moved.

Even years after its release, “Thank You for the Change” continues to be celebrated for its timeless appeal and powerful message. Youthful Praise’s artistic excellence shines through in every note, making this album a true masterpiece of contemporary gospel music. “Deliver (Remix)” remains an enduring favorite among fans and stands as a testament to the profound impact that this talented group has had on the gospel music landscape.

Youthful Praise is an acclaimed American gospel music group known for their captivating performances and soul-stirring anthems. Led by the talented choir leader JJ Hairston, the group has become a prominent name in the gospel music scene, leaving an indelible mark on listeners with their powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Formed in the late 1990s, Youthful Praise quickly gained recognition for their dynamic and energetic approach to gospel music. Their music often blends contemporary gospel styles with traditional gospel influences, creating a unique sound that resonates with a wide audience.

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Deliver (Remix) By Youthful Praise

I know a man who understands
All of the problems that we come up against
He holds in his hands all of the power
It will take to deliver us from them

He is the word of God
Wrapped himself in flesh like ours
Healed the sick, saved the lost
Gave his life upon a cross

He’ll deliver [x4]
I know he’ll deliver [x4]
I know he will, he can do it
Yes I know he will Jesus can do it
I know he can do it
Yes I know that he’s able to do it