Download William Murphy – House of the Lord (Intro)

Artist: William Murphy

Track Title: House of the Lord (Intro)

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2022

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: Worship & Justice (20 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Christian artist William Murphy’s album “Worship & Justice” invites listeners to embark on a spiritual journey, and the track “House of the Lord (Intro)” serves as a captivating entry point to this transformative experience. With a duration of 1 minute and 56 seconds, the song provides a glimpse into the profound themes that unfold across the album’s 20 tracks. Murphy’s artistry shines as he skillfully weaves together musical elements that evoke a sense of reverence and contemplation. Through the “House of the Lord (Intro),” listeners are drawn into a sacred space where worship and justice intertwine, setting the stage for a musical exploration of faith and societal responsibility.

Within the tapestry of William Murphy’s “Worship & Justice” album, the “House of the Lord (Intro)” emerges as a poignant testament to the artist’s creative vision. Spanning a concise 1 minute and 56 seconds, the track resonates with a sense of spiritual depth and anticipation. Murphy’s ability to convey profound emotion through his music is evident as the song delicately ushers listeners into the album’s thematic landscape. By infusing the “House of the Lord (Intro)” with a blend of reverence and contemplation, Murphy lays the foundation for an impactful musical odyssey that navigates the intersections of worship and justice.

William Murphy’s “Worship & Justice” album opens its doors with the captivating “House of the Lord (Intro),” a musical entryway that beckons listeners to explore the album’s rich offerings. In just 1 minute and 56 seconds, Murphy crafts an immersive experience that transcends time and space, inviting audiences into a sacred realm where faith and societal awareness converge. The track’s gentle melodies and evocative tones create an atmosphere of introspection, setting the tone for the 20 tracks that follow. Through the “House of the Lord (Intro),” Murphy establishes a profound connection with his listeners, encouraging them to engage with the album’s central themes on a deeply personal level.

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House of the Lord (Intro) Lyrics By William Murphy

Two years
That’s how long it’s been
We haven’t been able to gather like this y’all for
Two years
That’s how long it’s been
But I’m so glad like David said
When they said unto me
Let us go
Into the house of the Lord
And even if I gotta show up with a mask over my nose
God’s been so good
Somebody throw your hands up and just say that
So good
Somebody say bishop, they told me you was in ICU
They told me you was on life support
I was struggling to breathe but
I stand here tonight, I didn’t die
So good
Is there anybody else in the building
Say COVID tried but it couldn’t kill me
One more time, so
So good
Whoa, woo
I felt God responding, say it again
So good