Download Tye Tribbett – Only Help!

Artist: Tye Tribbett

Track Title: Only Help!

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2010

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: Fresh (16 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Tye Tribbett’s invigorating song “Only Help!” commands attention as the fourth track in his album “Fresh,” released in 2010. This high-energy anthem showcases Tye Tribbett’s signature style of blending contemporary Gospel sounds with powerful lyrics that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. With its infectious beats and spirited vocals, “Only Help!” serves as a call to seek divine guidance and support in times of struggle. Tye Tribbett’s commanding performance and the song’s uplifting message create an electrifying musical experience, encouraging listeners to place their trust in a higher power as their ultimate source of help and strength.

In the album “Fresh,” “Only Help!” exemplifies Tye Tribbett’s ability to infuse his music with exuberance and a sense of purpose. The album’s 16 tracks offer a diverse range of musical expressions, with “Only Help!” standing out as a spirited and empowering anthem. As the fourth track in the lineup, it builds upon the album’s dynamic momentum, inspiring listeners to rise above challenges and rely on the “Only Help!” that can lead them to victory. Tye Tribbett’s musical artistry shines brightly through this compelling track, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and reinforcing his reputation as a trailblazer in the Gospel music genre.

Released in 2010, “Fresh” continues to be celebrated as one of Tye Tribbett’s most iconic albums, and “Only Help!” remains a standout favorite among fans. This song’s infectious energy and the message of seeking divine assistance resonate deeply with those facing life’s obstacles. Through “Only Help!,” Tye Tribbett ignites a fire of determination and reminds us all that no matter the challenges we encounter, there is a power greater than ourselves ready to lift us up and lead us towards triumph.

Tye Tribbett is a highly acclaimed American Gospel singer, songwriter, and musician known for his dynamic performances and innovative approach to Gospel music. He was born on January 26, 1976, in Camden, New Jersey. From a young age, Tye showed a deep passion for music and began singing in church at the age of six. As a teenager, he formed the group “Greater Anointing” and quickly gained recognition for his powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence.

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Only Help! Lyrics By Tye Tribbett

[Verse 1:]
I can almost tell you each time I’m gonna fall
Devil always paint the same picture, sweet frame and all
I wanna change
And you would think by now I’d catch the scenario
Sorta like a old sitcom playing the same show
I wanna change
I’m sick of my own ways
End up in the same place
Gotta set my affection
For my own protection
I can’t go on the same way Lord so

I lift my hands to you
You’re my only help

[Verse 2:]
I’m sick of living life so predictable, yes I know
I’m saved but sometimes I get really comfortable, Oh Lord
I wanna change
I’m sick of all the ups and downs I want consistency
Tired of all the shaky ground give me stability, Oh Lord
I wanna change
I cast out all pronography uproot that thing up out of me
Devil you no longer have any control over me
While I bare adultery
Looking at my sister lustfully
In Jesus’ name you gotta leave, Lord

[Chorus (repeat until end with ad-libs)]