Download Todd Dulaney – Put the Attention on Jesus

Artist: Todd Dulaney

Track Title: Put the Attention on Jesus

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2016

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: A Worshipper's Heart (15 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Todd Dulaney’s soul-stirring album ‘A Worshipper’s Heart’ reached new heights with the release of the moving track “Put the Attention on Jesus.” Positioned as the eleventh gem on the album, which was released in 2016, this captivating song encapsulates the essence of true worship. With a total of 15 tracks, Dulaney’s musical prowess shines through, and “Put the Attention on Jesus” serves as a powerful testament to his devotion and artistry.

In “Put the Attention on Jesus,” Todd Dulaney’s heartfelt vocals and profound lyrics create a divine atmosphere, encouraging listeners to turn their focus solely to the Almighty. The track’s placement as the eleventh on the album allows it to seamlessly blend with the overall theme of unwavering faith and dedication to a higher power. Through this uplifting song, Dulaney inspires a spirit of worship, urging individuals to direct their attention away from worldly distractions and fix their gaze on the source of true strength and peace.

Released in 2016, ‘A Worshipper’s Heart’ solidified Todd Dulaney’s position as a gospel music trailblazer. “Put the Attention on Jesus” played an integral role in the album’s success, resonating deeply with listeners who sought a genuine connection with the Divine. Beyond its initial release, the track continues to serve as a timeless reminder of the importance of putting Jesus at the center of our lives, making it an enduring anthem for those seeking spiritual solace.

Todd Dulaney is an accomplished American gospel artist, worship leader, and pastor, whose soulful voice and heartfelt songs have touched the lives of countless listeners around the world. He was born on December 20, 1983, in Maywood, Illinois. Before embarking on his music career, Todd Dulaney showed promise as a baseball player and even played for the New York Mets briefly. However, his deep-rooted passion for music and his calling to spread the message of faith through song eventually led him to pursue a career in gospel music.

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Put the Attention on Jesus Lyrics By Todd Dulaney

It’s amazing how we’ve gone after the show. How we hardly say His name anymore
I think it’s strange how we love to jump and shout but never wanna tell the world what it’s about
I’m amazed that the One who gave His life

Is not the feature of every single night
I think it’s sad how the man who paid the price is being drowned out by all the fluff and lights

Let’s put the attention back where it belongs, back upon the Son, He is the one who died for us
Let’s put the attention back upon the cross, back upon the Lord, He is the King He’s why we sing

Put the attention on Jesus
Cause that’s where it belongs
Put the attention on Jesus!
Yeah yeah

If I be lifted up from all the earth I’ll draw all man unto me
If I be lifted up from all the earth I’ll draw man!

Put the attention on Jesus
Forever we lift you up
Put the attention on Jesus!
Yeah yeah

(What’s His name) Jesus Jesus Jesus