Download Nathaniel Bassey – Shekinah Glory

Artist: Nathaniel Bassey

Track Title: Shekinah Glory

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2024

Quality: 320 Kbps

Country: Nigeria

Category: Gospel Songs


In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigerian gospel music, Nathaniel Bassey emerges as a prominent figure, known for his soul-stirring compositions that bridge the earthly and the divine. His latest creation, “Shekinah Glory,” released in 2024, stands as more than just a song—it is a creed, a powerful declaration resonating with heavenly significance. The artist himself took to social media to proclaim its profound nature, stating, “This is not just a song. It is a CREED. And an announcement from heaven. THE GLORY IS HERE!”

With “Shekinah Glory,” Nathaniel Bassey invites listeners to embrace a spiritual journey, transcending the mundane and connecting with the divine realm. The lyrics, shared by the artist on social media, convey a deep sense of conviction, asserting the identity of the listeners as the remnant, those who have chosen to live by the spirit. The declaration that “THE GLORY IS HERE!” echoes a profound belief in the immediate presence of God’s glory, making the song not just a musical composition but a spiritual proclamation.

The artist’s words on social media further emphasize the transformative nature of “Shekinah Glory.” The declaration that “We will not bow to the god of this world and will not feast from his table” reflects a commitment to spiritual principles and a refusal to be swayed by worldly influences. Nathaniel Bassey’s invitation to follow the lamb wherever he goes is a call to steadfast faith and unwavering allegiance to the divine path. “Shekinah Glory” emerges as a powerful anthem, embodying the essence of spiritual resilience and a declaration of the heavenly glory permeating the lives of those who choose to listen and believe. Hallelujah!


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Shekinah Glory Lyrics By Nathaniel Bassey