Download Marvin Sapp – Not Now Doesnt Mean Never

Artist: Marvin Sapp

Track Title: Not Now Doesnt Mean Never

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2002

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: I Believe (13 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Marvin Sapp, the esteemed American gospel artist, imparts a message of patience and trust with his soulful song “Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never.” As the thirteenth and final track in his album “I Believe,” released in 2002, this powerful anthem showcases Sapp’s exceptional ability to convey messages of faith and perseverance through his music. With his emotive vocals and poignant lyrics, “Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never” resonates deeply, encouraging listeners to remain steadfast in their beliefs and wait for divine timing.

As the closing piece in the album “I Believe,” “Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never” serves as a fitting conclusion to the spiritual journey initiated by the preceding tracks. Marvin Sapp’s musical brilliance shines through in this captivating composition, delivering a message of hope and resilience in the face of uncertainty. The album as a whole stands as a testament to Sapp’s unwavering commitment to spreading messages of hope, love, and unwavering belief in a higher power through his soul-stirring melodies.

Marvin Sapp’s influence on the gospel music scene is profound, and “Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never” serves as a testament to his ability to touch hearts and inspire listeners. Throughout his illustrious career, Sapp’s songs have become anthems of spiritual reflection and encouragement for his dedicated fan base. “Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never” serves as a timeless reminder of the transformative power of gospel music, solidifying Marvin Sapp’s place as a revered figure in American gospel music history.

Marvin Sapp, born on January 28, 1967, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, embarked on his musical journey as a member of the gospel group Commissioned in the late 1980s. His exceptional talents led him to pursue a flourishing solo career, and it was his 2007 album “Thirsty” that catapulted him to newfound fame and recognition. As a gifted singer, songwriter, and pastor, Sapp’s music serves as a reflection of his unwavering faith and commitment to spreading messages of hope, love, and resilience to audiences across the globe. With soul-stirring performances and powerful anthems like “Greater,” Marvin Sapp’s influence on the gospel music scene remains unparalleled.

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Not Now Doesn’t Mean Never Lyrics By Marvin Sapp

I know there are some things you want, some things you need
Some things you’ve been waiting for
Some prayers you prayed, sacrifices you made
And you’re wondering how much more
Listen let me tell you
I’ve been there a time or two
But what I found out on this journey
God knows what’s best for you

If it’s not now, it doesn’t mean never
It only means there’s aa time and place that’s so much better
If you learn to be patient, your change will come
Just know that right now doesn’t mean never

I know there’s beeen some cloudy skies, some nights you cried
All because it looked so dim
You see the dreams you had, haven’t come to pass
And you’re trying to keep your trust in Him
Listen let me tell you
Weeping may endure for a night
But if you can just keep the faith
Joy comes in the morning light, and…


It could’ve been (the right time)
But it was (the wrong place)
Could’ve felt (so right)
But it was (so wrong)
Maybe not (today)
But it could (be tomorrow)
I need you to understand that…