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Artist: Marvin Sapp

Track Title: Close

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2017

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: Close (10 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Marvin Sapp, the celebrated American gospel artist, delivered a powerful and emotive track titled “Close” from his album of the same name. As the ninth song on the album’s lineup of 10 captivating compositions, “Close” holds a significant place among Sapp’s heartfelt musical offerings. Known for his soul-stirring performances and exceptional vocal talent, Marvin Sapp’s rendition of “Close” exudes a profound sense of intimacy and connection, inviting listeners to draw nearer to a higher power.

Released in 2017, the album “Close” further solidified Marvin Sapp’s position as a prominent figure in the gospel music scene. “Close” stands as a testament to Sapp’s ability to convey powerful messages of faith and spiritual communion through his music. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery create an immersive experience that resonates deeply with audiences, inspiring them to seek a deeper relationship with the divine.

Marvin Sapp’s “Close” is a moving expression of the desire to be in the presence of God, acknowledging the transformative power of drawing near to the source of strength and love. The song’s universal theme of seeking divine closeness transcends cultural boundaries, making it a cherished anthem for audiences worldwide. As an artist and minister, Marvin Sapp continues to inspire and uplift with his soul-stirring performances, leaving an indelible mark on those who experience the heartfelt journey within “Close.”

Marvin Sapp is a highly acclaimed American gospel artist, pastor, and gifted songwriter, celebrated for his soul-stirring vocals and inspirational music. Born on January 28, 1967, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sapp’s upbringing in a religious home nurtured his love for singing from a young age. He embarked on his musical career as a member of the gospel group Commissioned in the late 1980s, where his exceptional voice and emotive performances garnered widespread recognition.

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Close Lyrics By Marvin Sapp

I must be close
To my destiny
Extremely close
To my victory
‘Cause here comes
Trials and troubles
Jealousy and envy
I must be close
To what You have for me
I must be close
To my overflow
Extremely close
To my miracle
‘Cause here comes
Confusion, problems and enemies
I just believe
That I must be close to what You have for me

To whom much is given
So much is required
Be qualified
Must go through the fire
But I won’t smell like smoke
I’ll be better than before
His guidance is in my life
Just to let me know

I must be close… (to my destiny)
(Extremely close…) I’m extremely close
(To my victory…) Yes I am
‘Cause here comes
(Trials) and (troubles) and (jealousy and envy)
(I must be close…) must be close
(To what You have for me)
(I must be close to my overflow)
(Extremely close…) Extremely close
(To my miracle)
‘Cause here comes
(Confusion) and (problems) and (and enemies)
(I just believe) I just believe
(That I am close to what You have for me)

While walking out the steps
That You have planned for me
Living by faith, a bright future I see
I won’t be swayed by the obstacles that I face
For my victory is secure, if I stay in the race
That’s why… (I just believe)
I Just believe
(That I must be close to what You have for me)
So I’ll go through it, I’ll go through it
I’ll go through it
I just believe, I must be close to it
So close to it, oh, so close to it

(As long as You’re with me, I’ll get through it)
I’m gunna get through it (I’ll get through it)
It may be hard sometimes (I’ll get through it)
But You made me a promise
(‘Cause I know that I must be close to it)
And the promise is that I’m real close (close to it)
Oh, so close (close to it) extremely close
(As long as You’re with me, I’ll push through it)
I’m gunna push through the obstacles (I’ll get through it)
The trouble and the trials (I’ll get through it)
Through every struggle
(‘Cause I know that I must be close to it)
You are close (close)
Oh, so close
I just believe, I must be close
To what God has for me

I’ve been waiting, anticipating (I believe)
That I am close to what You have for me