Download Josh Baldwin Changing Full Album

Album Artist: Josh Baldwin

Album Title: Changing Full Album

Released Year: 2008

Format: Free Mp3 Zip

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 11 Tracks

Download Josh Baldwin’s Changing Album: Top-notch American singer and music maker, Josh Baldwin, released this impressive studio album tagged, ‘Changing’. It was in the year 2022, that this album was released, consisting of eleven (11) solid and dope tracks, which will keep its listeners excited from start to finish.


Baldwin is a key member of the Bethel Music Collective, a renowned worship ministry originating from Bethel Church in Redding. His involvement with Bethel Music has allowed him to contribute to various live albums and projects, solidifying his presence in the worship music scene. His solo endeavors, including albums like “Changing” (2017) and “Evidence” (2019), have garnered praise for their authentic and heartfelt approach to worship.

Released in 2022, “Changing” stands as a testament to Baldwin’s growth as an artist and his unyielding dedication to capturing the essence of worship. The album opens a portal to a spiritual realm, inviting listeners to experience the presence of the divine through music.

“Changing” is more than an album; it is a spiritual sojourn led by the soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics of Josh Baldwin. Each track is a unique expression of worship, capturing the multifaceted nature of the Christian faith. Baldwin’s ability to seamlessly blend musical artistry with profound spirituality makes this album a must-listen for those seeking an immersive worship experience.


As you embark on this musical journey, let the melodies of “Changing” resonate in your heart, guiding you to a place where the glory of God is not just a concept but a tangible reality. Josh Baldwin’s latest offering is an invitation to dwell in that sacred space where music and spirituality converge, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary and reaches into the divine.

Tracklist: Changing by Josh Baldwin

  1. Door Keeper
  2. Show Me
  3. After You (Beautiful)
  4. Caught In Your Eyes
  5. All Fall Down
  6. All Fall Down (Interlude)
  7. Love You Only
  8. Changing
  9. Hallelujah to the King
  10. Open
  11. Teach Me How to Love