Download Hezekiah Walker – Ill Make It ft The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir John P Kee

Artist: Hezekiah Walker

Track Title: Ill Make It ft The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir John P Kee

Featured Artist(s): The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, John P Kee

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2016

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: The Essential Hezekiah Walker (26 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Hezekiah Walker, a distinguished figure in Christian music, joined forces with The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir and the talented John P. Kee to deliver the spiritually uplifting track “I’ll Make It.” This remarkable song, with a duration of 3 minutes and 36 seconds, holds a special place within the album “The Essential Hezekiah Walker.” This comprehensive collection of 26 tracks magnificently showcases the artist’s profound musical talents. Released in 2007, the album solidified Walker’s enduring influence on the Christian music scene and continues to inspire listeners with its powerful message of faith and resilience.

“I’ll Make It” stands as a testament to Hezekiah Walker’s exceptional artistry within the Christian genre. The song creates an atmosphere of deep spiritual determination and hope, exemplifying Walker’s ability to deeply resonate with listeners and draw them into their faith through music. The collaboration with John P. Kee adds a dynamic element to this powerful composition, making it a standout track within the album.

Within the extensive compilation of “The Essential Hezekiah Walker,” “I’ll Make It” remains a timeless example of the artist’s commitment to delivering profound messages through his music. With its 3 minutes and 36 seconds of heartfelt melodies, harmonious vocal arrangements, and the inclusion of John P. Kee’s remarkable talents, this song continues to resonate with audiences, offering a spiritual experience that remains both relevant and impactful.

Hezekiah Walker is a renowned American gospel artist, pastor, and songwriter who has made a significant impact on the world of gospel music. Born on December 24, 1962, in Brooklyn, New York, Walker’s journey in music began at an early age. He demonstrated his passion for gospel music and the church from his youth, eventually leading him to become a prominent figure in the genre.

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Video: Hezekiah Walker – I’ll Make It ft The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, John P Kee

I’ll Make It Lyrics By Hezekiah Walker

[Lead 1:]
I was down, to my last dime;
But Jesus stepped in, right on time.
I sure been sick, and couldn’t get well.
But he healed my body, and I can tell that it’s

[Chorus: Lead 1]
Alright Now (Think I’ll make it)
Think I’ll make it (Anyhow)
(It’s Alright)
Alright Now (Think I’ll make it)
Think I’ll make it (Anyhow)

[Lead 2:]
I was lost, without a friend.
Then I met Jesus, and he took me in.
In all of your temptation, just keep the faith;
He’s already planned, a way for you to escape!

[Chorus: Lead 1]
Alright Now (Said I know I’ll make it)
Think I’ll make it (Anyhow)
(It’s gonna be)
Alright Now (Said I think I’ll make it)
Think I’ll make it (Anyhow)

[Music Plays]

[Lead 1:]
I’m gonna make it
Yes I will
Ummm Ooooh
I’ll make it
Won’t let trials hold me down
True victory, I’ve found (Leads 1 and 2)
[Lead 2: (Lead 1)]
Said I’m gonna make it (Said I’m gonna make it)
I’ll make it (I’ll make it)
Said I will, will (Said I will, will)
I’m gonna make it (Gonna make it)
Get out of my way (Get out of my way)
I’m on a mission (I’m on a mission)
I’m on purpose (I’m on purpose)
With my vision (With my vision)

Haters can’t stand you (Can’t stand you)
Happy when you fall (Pray you fall)
But they don’t know (But they don’t know)
You can make it when you called
Everything’s gone be

Alright Now [Choir]
Think I’ll make it
Think I’ll make it [Choir]
Anyhow [Choir]

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