Download Hezekiah Walker – Azusa the Next Generation Full Album

Album Artist: Hezekiah Walker

Album Title: Azusa the Next Generation Full Album

Released Year: 2013

Format: Free Mp3 Zip

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 10 Tracks

Hezekiah Walker’s album “Azusa the Next Generation,” released in 2013, is a powerful collection of Christian gospel music. With a total of 10 tracks and a runtime of 1 hour and 1 minute, this album is a testament to Walker’s enduring impact on the genre. Although a specific song title is not provided, the album itself showcases Walker’s vocal prowess and his ability to deliver soul-stirring gospel messages.

In “Azusa the Next Generation,” Hezekiah Walker continues to inspire and uplift listeners with his distinctive gospel sound. The album’s duration of over an hour provides ample opportunity for listeners to immerse themselves in the uplifting melodies and powerful lyrics that are hallmarks of Walker’s music. Without a doubt, this album is a testament to his enduring influence in the world of Christian gospel music.

Overall, Hezekiah Walker’s “Azusa the Next Generation” is a remarkable addition to his discography. While a specific song title is not mentioned, the album as a whole embodies the spirit of Christian gospel, offering a powerful and moving musical experience for fans of the genre. Walker’s dedication to spreading the message of faith through his music shines brightly in this 2013 release.

Hezekiah Walker is a renowned American gospel artist, pastor, and songwriter who has made a significant impact on the world of gospel music. Born on December 24, 1962, in Brooklyn, New York, Walker’s journey in music began at an early age. He demonstrated his passion for gospel music and the church from his youth, eventually leading him to become a prominent figure in the genre.

List of tracks in “Azusa the Next Generation” Album By Hezekiah Walker

  1.  Every Praise
  2. Break Every Chain (feat. Deitrick Haddon)
  3. I Feel Your Spirit
  4. More Than a Conqueror (feat. Timiney Figeroa Caton)
  5. Lead Me to That Rock
  6. Breakthrough (feat. Donnie McClurkin)
  7. Grace (feat. Brian Courtney Wilson)
  8. Amazing
  9. Work In Your Favor (feat. John P. Kee)
  10. No Greater Love