Download Fred Hammond – Please Dont Pass Me By ft RFC

Artist: Fred Hammond

Track Title: Please Dont Pass Me By ft RFC

Featured Artist(s): RFC

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2007

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: The Essential Fred Hammond (12 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Fred Hammond collaborates with Radical For Christ (RFC) to deliver the powerful Christian song “Please Don’t Pass Me By,” featured as track number 2 on his acclaimed album “The Essential Fred Hammond.” Released in 2007, this soul-stirring track showcases Fred’s exceptional vocal talent and his ability to touch the hearts of listeners with heartfelt lyrics. As part of a 24-song collection spread across two discs, the album solidifies Fred Hammond’s reputation as a celebrated artist in the genre.

In “Please Don’t Pass Me By,” Fred Hammond’s emotive performance is beautifully complemented by RFC’s harmonious vocals, creating a mesmerizing musical experience. The song’s poignant plea for divine intervention resonates deeply with its Christian audience, offering solace and inspiration in times of need. Throughout “The Essential Fred Hammond” album, this collaboration stands out as a testament to the artist’s dedication to his faith and his commitment to spreading messages of hope and love.

“The Essential Fred Hammond,” released in 2007, remains a timeless collection of Christian music, and “Please Don’t Pass Me By” ft RFC is a standout track that captures the essence of Fred Hammond’s musical artistry. As listeners embark on a spiritual journey through the album’s compelling melodies and heartfelt lyrics, they are reminded of the unwavering connection between Fred Hammond’s music and his profound faith, solidifying his position as a revered figure in Christian music.

Fred Hammond, born on December 27, 1960, is an American gospel music artist, singer, songwriter, and producer who has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary gospel music. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Hammond’s musical journey began at an early age when he discovered his passion for singing and playing various musical instruments.

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Please Don’t Pass Me By ft RFC Lyrics By Fred Hammond

[Verse 1]

There was a blind man on the road side, and he heard a commotion yeah
It was Jesus passing by with a crowd and it stirred his emotions
He’d been displaced his whole life, should he even try

Don’t bother Jesus (they say you have nothing)
You have nothing to offer (stay in your place)
Right then he knew(he had to choose)
He had nothing to lose

So he cried Jesus(Jesus), I need you, (yeah ah) please don’t pass me by
He cried out Jesus, I’m not ashamed(to tell you) I need you in my life
(I need you in my life yeah)

[Verse 2]

I’m not much different from that man, and this is the honest truth
Could this sinful one, with this messed up life, couold I ever serve you
(Oh oh oh oh)people and things clutter my mind, should I even try

Don’t bother Jesus (they say you have nothing)
You have nothing to offer (stay in your place)
I must admit (when I think about it all)
I need you in my life

So i cry Jesus(Jesus), I need you
Please don’t pass me by
I’m crying out Jesus, I’m not ashamed to tell you I need you in my life


As the deer (as the deer panted)
Thirsty for the water yeah(thirsty for the water)
My soul desires and longs to be(to be with you)

Jesus, I need you, please don’t pass me by
I don’t mean to waste your time but I can’t listen to the crowd,
situations in my life telling me to keep it down
but I need you

I know I’m broken, but you can heal me, Jesus,Jesus I’m calling you
(I might not be worth much)might not be worth much, but I’m still willing
Jesus, Jesus, I’m calling you
[till fade]