Download Fred Hammond – Let the Praise Begin ft Radical for Christ

Artist: Fred Hammond

Track Title: Let the Praise Begin ft Radical for Christ

Featured Artist(s): Radical for Christ

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 1998

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: Pages of Life - Chapters I & II (29 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Fred Hammond, featuring Radical for Christ, brought forth a captivating Christian anthem titled “Let the Praise Begin” as part of their album “Chapters I and II,” released in 1998 under the esteemed Zomba Recording LLC imprint. This song stands as a testament to their remarkable musical synergy, infusing soulful harmonies and powerful lyrics. Within the context of the album’s 29 tracks, “Let the Praise Begin” serves as a spirited call to worship and a celebration of faith.

“Let the Praise Begin” emerged as a standout track from Fred Hammond ft Radical for Christ’s iconic album. With its uplifting melody and heartfelt verses, the song encapsulates the essence of Christian devotion and gratitude. As part of the broader collection, it contributes to the album’s rich tapestry of spiritual exploration, offering listeners an opportunity to connect with their beliefs through music that resonates for an impressive 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Released in 1998, “Chapters I and II” by Fred Hammond ft Radical for Christ remains a cornerstone of Christian music. The inclusion of “Let the Praise Begin” showcases the album’s ability to inspire and uplift, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a musical journey that encapsulates the essence of worship. Through its harmonious blend of faith-driven lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, the song continues to resonate, reflecting the enduring impact of Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ’s artistic collaboration.

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Let the Praise Begin Lyrics By Fred Hammond

[Verse 1]
Here we are
Let’s get on one accord
Leave all your problems on the outside
To be consumed with the Holy Ghost fire
Open up your mouth and lift the name of Jesus higher, say

[Chorus A]
Are you ready for your blessing? (are ya ready)
Are you ready for your miracle?

For the chains that come from the enemy
Are utterly destroyed when the praises ring, hey hey

[Chorus B]
Hallelujah, thank you Jesus(he’s exalted forever so…)
Let the praise begin
Lord I love you
No one above you (just put yo hands together and let…)
Let the praise begin
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 2]
I know it might be tough to get yo praise on
Trials of life been crushing you all week long
If you don’t have a reason to praise him let me give you one
He gave you a brand new mercy
With the rising of the sun, say

[Chorus A: x2]
[Chorus B: x2]

[Chorus A]
Are you ready for your blessing?
Are you ready for your miracle?

For the chains that bind up the enemy
Are at your disposal when the praises ring

[Chorus A: again]

[Vamp x2]
Raise up
Send the praise up
Raise up
Send the praise up
Raise up
Send the praise up
He’s here right now

It’s in your praise [x8]
He’s here [x6]
He’s here right now