Download Fred Hammond – Fred Hammond Christmas Just Remember Full Album

Album Artist: Fred Hammond

Album Title: Christmas Just Remember Full Album

Released Year: 2001

Format: Free Mp3 Zip

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 12 Tracks

Fred Hammond, a renowned artist in the Christian music genre, released the soul-stirring album “Fred Hammond Christmas… Just Remember” in 2001. This heartfelt holiday collection features twelve tracks that celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a blend of Christian themes and festive melodies. With Fred Hammond’s emotive vocals and powerful messages, the album resonated with listeners, serving as a reminder of the true meaning of the season.

As part of his contribution to Christmas music, Fred Hammond’s album “Fred Hammond Christmas… Just Remember” captivated audiences with its heartfelt melodies and inspiring lyrics. The album’s diverse collection of twelve tracks showcased Fred Hammond’s versatility as a Christian artist, infusing the spirit of Christmas with messages of faith, hope, and love. Listeners found solace in the album’s uplifting tunes, making it a cherished addition to their holiday celebrations.

In 2001, Fred Hammond’s musical journey led him to release the memorable album “Fred Hammond Christmas… Just Remember.” This holiday collection, comprised of twelve soulful tracks, delighted listeners with its Christian themes and festive spirit. Fred Hammond’s emotive performances and the album’s heartwarming messages touched the hearts of many, making it a cherished soundtrack for Christmas gatherings and reflections on the season’s true significance.

List of Tracks in “Fred Hammond Christmas… Just Remember” Album by Fred Hammond

  1. His Name Is Jesus
  2. A Strange Way to Save the World
  3. Christmas Everyday
  4. Suddenly
  5. It Took A Child To Save The World
  6. God Has Been Good
  7. Just Remember
  8. We Sing Glory
  9. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  10. Go Gabriel
  11. Blessings And Honor (Reprise)
  12. He Is The Reason