Download Fred Hammond – Celebrate (He Lives)

Artist: Fred Hammond

Track Title: Celebrate (He Lives)

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2007

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: The Essential Fred Hammond (12 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Fred Hammond’s uplifting Christian anthem “Celebrate (He Lives)” takes the tenth spot on the celebrated album “The Essential Fred Hammond.” Released in 2007, this soul-stirring track embodies the artist’s exceptional musical talent and unwavering devotion to his faith. As part of a 24-song collection spread across two discs, the album stands as a testament to Fred Hammond’s enduring impact in the Christian music genre.

In “Celebrate (He Lives),” Fred Hammond’s emotive vocals and exuberant lyrics create a powerful and spiritually invigorating musical experience. The song’s message of celebration and joy in the resurrection of Christ resonates deeply with listeners, offering a sense of hope and gratitude. As the album unfolds, “Celebrate (He Lives)” shines as a testament to Fred’s ability to craft songs that inspire devotion and praise.

Released in 2007, “The Essential Fred Hammond” remains a cherished collection of Christian music, and “Celebrate (He Lives)” remains a standout track that uplifts the souls of its audience. With its infectious melodies and jubilant message, the song serves as a source of inspiration and worship, solidifying Fred Hammond’s position as a revered figure in the realm of Christian music.

Fred Hammond, born on December 27, 1960, is an American gospel music artist, singer, songwriter, and producer who has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary gospel music. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Hammond’s musical journey began at an early age when he discovered his passion for singing and playing various musical instruments.

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You Are the Living Word Lyrics By Fred Hammond

I know he lives (woah)
I believe he lives (ooh)
I’m sure he lives (woah)
I’m sure he lives
(How ya’ll doin today?)
I know he lives (The savior lives)
The savior lives (ooh, oh)

It’s time to celebrate the savior and his worth
Let’s shout because we know he lives and we are certain
His love has set us free our enemies defeated
If with me you agree… come on and lift up your hands

Everybody lift your hands if you know that Jesus is worthy
Open up and give him praise let’s do it in a hurry
If you love him let’s glorify in the song and in the dance
You know the savior lives come on and lift up your hands

To understand just why we praise let me tell you how it all went down
The news spread so very fast people came from miles around
This would be the day Christ would be crucified
He took his last breath he hung his head and he died
They took my savior down from off that rugged cross
They laid him in a tomb it seemed all hope was truly lost
But the third day came along and broke the rhythm of life
The stone was rolled away an angel proudly proclaimed

He lives (He lives) He lives
(Christ is risen) Christ is risen just like he said
(Our Lord and savior) The Lord and saviors’ no longer dead
Rejoice and celebrate He lives He lives-Jesus, He’s alive!

[chorus x2]

[bridge x3]