Download Fred Hammond – And We Worship You

Artist: Fred Hammond

Track Title: And We Worship You

Genre: Gospel; Christian

Recorded: 2006

Quality: 320 Kbps

Album Name: Free to Worship (13 Tracks)

Country: America

Category: Gospel Songs

Fred Hammond, a highly regarded artist in the Christian music genre, graced listeners with his album “Free to Worship” in 2006, concluding with the powerful track “And We Worship You.” As the thirteenth and final song in the album, this heartfelt composition serves as a beautiful closing statement of devotion and praise. Hammond’s soul-stirring vocals and moving lyrics create an atmosphere of worship, inviting listeners to join in the act of honoring a higher power with gratitude and adoration.

In the album “Free to Worship,” Fred Hammond’s track “And We Worship You” stands as a testament to the transformative power of worship. Released in 2006, this Christian masterpiece resonates deeply with listeners, providing a fitting conclusion to an album dedicated to praise and faith. Hammond’s emotive delivery and the song’s meaningful lyrics inspire a sense of reverence, encouraging believers to find solace and strength in the act of worship.

With “And We Worship You” as the thirteenth and final track in the album “Free to Worship,” Fred Hammond leaves a lasting impression with his poignant Christian music. Released in 2006, this touching song culminates the album’s spiritual journey, inviting listeners to connect with their faith on a profound level. Hammond’s powerful vocals and the song’s heartfelt message create a sense of unity among believers, reminding them of the power and beauty found in collective worship. Through “And We Worship You,” Hammond’s music offers a powerful expression of devotion and gratitude.

Fred Hammond, born on December 27, 1960, is an American gospel music artist, singer, songwriter, and producer who has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary gospel music. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Hammond’s musical journey began at an early age when he discovered his passion for singing and playing various musical instruments.

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And We Worship You Lyrics By Fred Hammond

O-o Lord, we praise your name
Your loving kindness
Are ours from men
For it was by your grace
That we made it through
O-o-o Lord, we worship You
O-o Lord, we worship You
[x2 then modulate]

Lord You’re holy
We adore You
We say we know You
We worship You
In the midst of Your grace
You need our praise
We love Your name
We worship You


O-o-o Lord, we worship You
O-o Lord, we worship You

O for grace is Yours
More and more Lord
We worship You
O-o Lord, we worship
O for grace is Yours more_o
We worship You
O-o Lord, we worship
O for grace is Yours more_o
We worship You
O-o Lord, we worship