Download All Sons And Daughters Poets and Saints ft Leslie Jordan David Leonard Full Album

Album Artist: All Sons And Daughters

Album Title: Poets and Saints ft Leslie Jordan David Leonard Full Album

Released Year: 2016

Format: Free Mp3 Zip

Country: America

Category: Gospel Albums & EPs

Number of Tracks: 10 Tracks

In 2016, the Christian music duo All Sons & Daughters, featuring Leslie Jordan and David Leonard, released their spiritually rich album titled “Poets and Saints.” This album, comprising a single track with a duration of 1 hour and 2 minutes, was a testament to their unique approach to contemporary Christian music. “Poets and Saints” was an exploration of faith and spirituality, drawing inspiration from historical Christian figures and poets.

Leslie Jordan and David Leonard’s collaboration in “Poets and Saints” exemplified their commitment to creating music that delved into the depths of the Christian faith. Through their harmonious vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, they took listeners on a journey of introspection and worship, offering a unique and heartfelt musical experience. The album’s extended duration allowed for a profound immersion into its themes, making it a valuable resource for those seeking spiritually enriching music.

“Poets and Saints” by All Sons & Daughters served as a tribute to the great Christian poets and saints who had gone before, infusing their work with contemporary relevance. The album’s exploration of faith and its rich musical tapestry left a lasting impact on the Christian music landscape, reminding listeners of the enduring power of faith-inspired music to touch the heart and soul.

All Sons & Daughters was a contemporary Christian worship music duo consisting of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan. Formed in 2010 in Franklin, Tennessee, the duo gained recognition for their heartfelt and introspective approach to worship music. Their unique sound blended folk, indie, and worship genres, creating a style that resonated with audiences seeking authentic and spiritually uplifting music.

List of Tracks in “Poets & Saints” Album By All Sons And Daughters

  1. Heaven Meets Earth (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  2. I Surrender (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  3. Path of Sorrow (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  4. My Roving Heart (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard)
  5. This My Inheritance (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  6. You Are Love & Love Alone (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  7. I Wait (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  8. Rest In You (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  9. You Hold It All Together (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) 
  10. Creation Sings (feat. Leslie Jordan & David Leonard) [Commentary]